Boyer Planning Appeal Win

Boyer Planning's Wokingham office have won an appeal on behalf of Mount Green Housing Association for the redevelopment of a residential site in Woking. The development will replace existing sub-standard bedsit units with 22 modern 1 and 2 bedroom flats. Lack of car parking is an existing problem at the site, which is also set on quite a slope. The proposed building was designed to cut into the site, creating space for an underground parking area which makes the best use of the topography.


Another key issue was the relationship of the building with neighbouring properties, and indeed there were many objections from the neighbours during the planning application. The Inspector concluded that the new building would provide an improved relationship with some neighbouring buildings, as it is set further from them than the existing building. Boyer Planning have been involved with this site since 2006, and so this positive outcome has been patiently awaited.