Matt Clarke BA (Hons), MA, MRTPI Director, Boyer, Colchester

Matt Joined Boyer as Planner at Colchester office in 2003. Promoted to Senior Planner in January 2004, Principal Planner in February 2007, Associate Director in January 2009 and Director of Colchester office in July 2011.

I feel that my career has progressed positively within the company, having joined Boyer as a Planner in 2003 and worked my way through the ranks over the next eight years to become Director of the Colchester office.

I have always felt valued and assured that hard work would be acknowledged and recognised. Working for the Boyer team has always been a positive experience, within a relaxed and supportive working environment.

Both personal and professional development is actively encouraged. My experience, echoed by that of others within the company, is clear indication of a preference to develop and promote staff from within the team where possible. For example, I was able to take advantage of management training in preparation for taking on greater levels of responsibility within the Colchester office. Business coaching on a 1-2-1 basis has also assisted me in making this transition.

Matt joined Boyer as a Planner in 2003.