Town Centres

Our national experience of retail and town centre planning means we are well positioned to apply leading specialist technical advice at a local level; where our planning expertise and strong local knowledge help shape and deliver retail, commercial and leisure developments.

Our retail team understand the effects arising from the changing economic landscape and evolving consumer habits which has created implications for landlords, investors and developers, who are managing and developing retail and other town centre portfolios. 

For local planning authorities the changes present new challenges which require measured, appropriate and robust planning policies and town centre strategies. 

We offer a wide range of services, including promoting retail, town centre and mixed use developments and preparing planning applications and retail/town centre policy formulation.  We also produce a wide range of studies and evidence documents such as retail impact assessment, site appraisals, economic assessment and provide expert witness service.

For Local Planning Authorities, when dealing with complex and technical applications such as significant retail, economic development and regeneration schemes, we offer a comprehensive service of auditing supporting documentation and advising upon associated issues.

By working closely with our other specialists we offer a comprehensive and collaborative retail and town centres service to clients which brings together a much deeper understanding of the issues at hand along with solutions that meet your needs. 

Our team specialise in: 

• Retail and Town Centre Evidence Base Work
• Retail Impact Assessment
• Quantitative and Qualitative Retail Capacity Analysis
• Commercial Leisure Capacity and Impact Assessment e.g. Cinema Impact Assessment
• Town Centre Health Checks, Benchmarking and Gap Analysis
• Site Finding and Appraisals

Our success is due to the team in place

Our experience spans across multiple sectors