116 additional flats secured in Battersea

03rd March 2017
By Hannah Spence

Last week Wandsworth Planning Committee granted permission for a s73 application, minor material amendment, to a permission granted in September 2015 for redevelopment of the Battersea Gasholders Site.

The extant permission is for a mixed use development including A1, A3, B1, and D1 uses, along with 839 homes. Last week the s73 application will enable an additional 116 homes providing a total of 955 residential apartments on the site. The additional accommodation was largely achieved through optimising unit layouts and reducing floor to ceiling heights, whilst maintaining the Mayor's housing standards in respect of unit and room sizes, and internal height requirements.

The new unit mix and density better responds to market demands and will contribute to the provision of much needed housing, including affordable housing, within this part of the VNEB Opportunity Area.

Boyer will look forward to seeing this scheme built out over the coming year.

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