Appeal Success in Chiswick

27th September 2018
By Billy Pattison

On behalf of the Lamington Group, Boyer has secured planning permission at appeal for a 78 bed apart-hotel in Chiswick town centre. Boyer represented the appellants at an informal hearing along with the scheme architects, Project Orange, and townscape consultant, Peter Stewart.

The application site was an empty office building within an area in which the London Borough of Hounslow protect employment floorspace. At the hearing, Boyer successfully overcame the Council’s reason for refusal relating to the proposal’s conflict with this local employment floorspace protection policy.

The appeal hinged on the extent to which the existence of an extant prior approval office to residential conversion scheme at the site, which would also result in the loss of the office, could be considered to be a ‘fallback’ position. Boyer provided evidence which demonstrated that implementing the established ‘fallback’ position would be significantly more financially viable than retaining the existing offices.

In determining the appeal the Inspector agreed with Boyer’s arguments that there was a greater than theoretical possibility of the ‘fallback’ position being implemented. The Inspector concluded that this was a material consideration which carried such significant weight that it outweighed the appeal scheme’s conflict with the local office protection policy.

Boyer also successfully overcame a second reason for refusal relating to the design of the proposals and the impact on neighbouring residents with the Inspector agreeing that the proposals provided a high quality design which would cause no harm to neighbours.

Boyer continue to work on a number of projects throughout the London Borough of Hounslow and look forward to a continued successful working relationship with the Lamington Group.

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