Appeal Success in Crowthorne Town Centre

04th November 2016
By Karen Charles

Boyer on behalf of Apricot Properties has secured full planning permission at appeal for a new mixed use development for 13 flats and two retail units in Crowthorne town centre. This follows Bracknell Forest Council’s decision to refuse planning permission on the basis that the quantum of development in the rear part of the site would harm the character of the area and the proposal would have a detrimental impact on highway safety due to insufficient car parking.

In allowing the Appeal the Inspector agreed with Boyer that the site could satisfactorily accommodate the quantum of development proposed whilst providing an adequate amount of amenity space and landscaping for future occupiers, which exceeded that approved at other recent flatted developments in proximity to the site. The Inspector also agreed with Boyer’s position that the Council’s adopted parking standards should be applied flexibly taking into account the sustainable location of the site, proximity to local facilities and spare capacity of on-road parking near the site to accommodate any overspill parking if required.

The proposal, which was also designed by Boyer, will create a new landmark building at the gateway to Crowthorne High Street whilst respecting the existing character of the area, having incorporated subtle references from the remaining Victorian architecture within the town centre.

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