Coffee#1 Evesham

19th December 2017
By Simon Barry

An application was submitted for the change of use from Class A1 (Retail) to a mixed use (Class A1/A3) in Evesham on behalf of our clients, Coffee#1 Limited.

The application would result in the loss of Class A1 use in the Primary Shopping frontage, which is contrary to recently adopted South Worcestershire Development Plan policy. However, a detailed case was put forward by Boyer that highlighted that the scheme accords with other Policy requirements in providing new leisure that contributes to achieving a high-quality sustainable development and contributes to a safe and attractive environment.

In light of this, following detailed negotiations with the Local Planning Authority, it was felt that the harm caused by virtue of the loss of the retail use and undermining the retail function of the town centre was, in this case, outweighed by the benefits of the proposal. This was accepted by the Council and the application was approved by delegated powers.

coffee 1 advert.jpg