Delegated Success in the Green Belt

14th May 2019
By Philip Allin

Working on behalf of Ashill Land, Boyer has secured planning permission for new residential development on a previously developed site in the Green Belt, close to Hemel Hempstead within Dacorum Borough Council.

The proposals involve the redevelopment of a demolition contractors yard to provide 56 new homes.  Boyer successfully made the case that the new development, which would result in an 200%+ increase in the built footprint and building volume at the site, would not cause substantial harm to the openness of the Green Belt and therefore could be considered appropriate development in the Green Belt.

The planning application, which was determined under officer delegated powers, had been referred to the Secretary of State who decided not to call it in due to it not raising issues beyond local significance.  This permission represents the latest success Boyer have had working on behalf of Ashill, a working relationship that has stretched back many years.    

Images are courtesy of VMI Studio.