Inspiring the next generation of Planners

02nd May 2019
By Alice Davidson

Boyer has been working with local schools to inspire the next generation of town planners.
Staff from Boyer’s Wokingham office held an assembly this month for pupils studying Geography for GCSE at Sandhurst School.

Pupils were then split into groups for workshop sessions, which saw them considering and balancing development options for a fictional town and coming up with a final proposal for regeneration.

The exercise encouraged the pupils to think about the positives and negatives of different development options and the implications of various solutions. This linked well to their 'Changing Cities’ GCSE module.

Prizes were awarded for the best groups in each workshop, and there was a prize for the pupil who excelled overall, coming up with innovative ideas and demonstrating clear enthusiasm for the subject.

Alongside our parent company, the Leaders Romans Group, we have enjoyed developing our relationship with local schools by running assemblies and workshops on planning and Boyer. Allowing us to give something back to the local community, as well as showcasing planning as an exciting career opportunity.

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