Employment Land Study for LB Hackney

02nd August 2016
By Andrew Jackson

London Borough of Hackney has engaged Boyer’s Development Economics team to review and update the Council’s evidence of employment need and supply in the borough. This is to ensure Hackney’s strength as an employment location is not only protected but further enhanced.   In preparing the Employment Land Study Boyer will:

  • Assess existing supply of employment land and floorspace in the Borough
  • Assess future demand for employment land and floorspace for the next 15 years
  • Assess potential options to meet future demands and make recommendations for the new local plan

The Council are committed to providing a range of commercial floor space in the borough suitable for a range of businesses, both large and small and at different stages in their journey from start-ups and entrepreneurs to more mature businesses competing on the national and international stage.   To support this vibrant mix of businesses Boyer will provide evidence to ensure suitable premises of different types are provided throughout the borough; and importantly are affordable for both new and existing businesses.

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