Slinfold Neighbourhood Plan

08th February 2018
By Grant Leggett

Boyer acting on behalf of Taylor Wimpey have been successful in challenging the emerging Slinfold Neighbourhood Plan.

Taylor Wimpey hold an interest in a site within the Neighbourhood Plan Area part of which was a proposed allocation. The draft Plan sought to severally restrict the level of development achievable on the site however by imposing a maximum housing target and seeking to designate the majority of the site as Local Green Space (akin to a Green Belt designation).

Boyer in our representations challenged the Parish’s housing targets, the suitability of several of their allocated sites and the Local Green Space designation on the site. In their report the Examiner agreed with Boyer and considered that defined housing targets should not be imposed on the site allocations to allow for greater flexibility in terms of housing supply; and also agreed the proposed Local Green Space designation did not meet the relevant NPPF criteria and therefore should be removed.

Should the modifications be adopted and the Plan made, this opens up a future opportunity for a significantly higher level of development on the subject site than that which would have otherwise been possible.

Slinfold 1.jpg