Surrey Quays Tesco - Food Collection

15th April 2019
By Rachel White

On Friday, Rachel, Alice, Sean, Andrew and Michail from Boyer’s London office volunteered at Surrey Quays Tesco to assist the Southwark Foodbank in an emergency food collection.

Throughout the day many generous shoppers donated countless cans of fruit, vegetables, rice pudding and milk as well as toiletries, Easter treats and other essentials which those in need require. In total the donations filled two vans meaning the warehouse can replenish their stock room.

The Foodbank is in desperate need of additional food supplies following an increase in demand of almost 1,000 people last year. This meant that Southwark Foodbank alone fed close to 6,000 people purely from donated food and fundraising. The charity relies solely on financial and physical donations to ensure their warehouse is sufficiently stocked to allow those in need of food support to have access to the parcels. For more information on the great work the Foodbank does, and for ways to get involved please click here.

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