Tesco and Axis Site, Kennington Lane, London

12th February 2019
By Grant Leggett

Boyer’s London office has successfully secured planning permission from the London Borough of Lambeth, for the redevelopment of the Tesco and Axis site at 275 Kennington Lane and 145-149 Vauxhall Street, on behalf of our client Berkeley Homes (Central London) Ltd.

The site currently comprises a large Tesco supermarket, associated surface car parking and a linear two-storey office building with an approximate site area of 1.36ha. The location of the site in Zone 2, and the excellent public transport accessibility offered by the location, indicates the brownfield site is highly under-utilised. The site therefore presents a significant opportunity to make more efficient use of the land to deliver sustainable development and deliver high quality and exciting spaces where people can work and live.

The proposed redevelopment will regenerate a large, highly accessible, under-utilised brownfield site in central London for mixed use development, comprising the erection of 3 new buildings (Plot A,B,C), ranging from 4-17 storeys to provide 571 residential units (35% affordable), a replacement Tesco store (including sales area/back of house and car parking), 2,638sqm of office floor space (Class B1) and 1,159sqm of flexible commercial floor space (Class A1-A3, B1). The proposals also provide 62 retail and 24 disabled residential car parking spaces, with associated cycle parking and landscaping/public realm improvements along Cutlers Way and Phoenix Street.

The redevelopment of the site also seeks to create a link to the Oval Gas Works redevelopment to the south, which has been a large impermeable site for over 150 years. Boyer was also involved in securing permission for this site in June 2018, which provides 738 residential units, 10,160sqm of office floor space, 800sqm for waste management floor space and 147sqm of community floor space.

The Committee, in resolving to approve the Tesco scheme agreed that mixed-use proposals contribute a suite of public benefits, in regenerating and optimising a large, highly accessible, brownfield site for mixed-use development. Members also acknowledged that the scheme will deliver substantial new jobs in the construction of a replacement Tesco store that meets present and future needs of customers, create additional employment space and a significant number of homes,35% of which will be affordable. The redevelopment will also create improvements to the urban grain and key street frontages whilst creating safe streets for pedestrians and cyclists with better connections.

The regeneration of both the Tesco and Oval Gas Works sites will cumulatively provide 1,309 homes and a significant amount of office and commercial floor space, which will support the delivery the Oval Kennington Development Area (OAKDA) Masterplan.

Boyer continues to work on a number of projects throughout the London Borough of Lambeth and look forward to a continued successful working relationship with Berkeley Homes (Central London) Ltd.

Images courtesy of Grid Architects

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