Land and Site Promotion

Promoting Land for Future Development 

At Boyer, we believe that site promotion is critical to identifying land for future development. Our dedicated land development team specialise in supporting land and site promotion across all sectors, including valuations, new home development and commercial development. 

Our multi-skilled professionals provide insight and guidance into everything from preferred land use to housing tenure mix. Every member of our team will take a meticulous approach to the application and development process to unlock the value of your land and get the most from your portfolio. 

Additional site services

Boyer has a strong track record of success in promoting land  for future development. We have secured allocations for residential development on greenfield and Green belt sites as well increased housing numbers on allocated sites to maximise commercial returns.

Working closely with our land team, our services include site finding, landowner negotiations, promotion of sites through the local planning process and appearance at EiP hearings.

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