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Commentary on the new Labour Government

“With the dawn of a new Labour Government, there appears to be a renewed sense of optimism within the industry that we can take significant steps towards addressing the housing crisis. Labour’s landslide victory provides them with the political capital needed to push through the ambitious housing policies outlined in their manifesto.

“One of the key promises made by Labour is the commitment to deliver 1.5 million new homes over the next parliament. This remains an ambitious target, but one that is absolutely necessary if we are to tackle the housing shortage that is pushing up prices and leaving many struggling to afford a home. The Government must make the most of this opportunity to address the crisis and kickstart economic growth.

“Labour’s pledge to immediately update the National Planning Policy Framework and invest in local planning authorities is a promising sign that they are serious about supporting and enabling sustainable development. A properly funded and resourced planning system is crucial in ensuring that new homes are delivered efficiently and in the right locations. We urge the Government to follow through on their commitment to recruit additional planning officers and provide the support needed to local authorities.

“The focus on brownfield sites and the fast-tracking of planning permission for such developments is supported. Brownfield sites should be a priority to address the housing crisis and provide opportunities to maximise previously development land that is often well-served by public transport and infrastructure. It will be important for the Government to publish more details on how they plan to implement this policy effectively.

“The review of the Green Belt has always been a politically contentious issue, but one that must be tackled if we are to build the homes we need in the most sustainable locations. Releasing land from the Green Belt for new homes in locations near to employment centres and transport hubs is crucial in ensuring that our cities remain vibrant and economically viable.

“The proposal for the creation of new towns is also a welcome pledge, but it is important to acknowledge that these developments will take many years to materialise. In the meantime, the new Government must focus on delivering the short-term measures set out in their manifesto, including planning reforms and measures to reduce uncertainty for the development industry; and proper support and resourcing for local authorities to get local plans in place and determine planning applications.

“We are hopeful that the new Labour Government will take bold and decisive action to tackle the housing crisis.”

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