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Householder Appeal Success (LB Barnet)

The Council (London Borough of Barnet) refused the application as they did not consider the proposed extensions to be subordinate to the existing house and would be out of keeping with the character of the surrounding area. Whilst neighbouring properties benefited from similar extensions, these were allowed under the previous Local Plan and, in one case, was allowed at appeal with Inspector specifically saying that the allowing of this extension should not be seen as a precedent for other properties on the street, including our client’s home.

In their Appeal Statement, Boyer was able to successfully demonstrate to the Inspector that there was indeed a precedent for similar types of extensions in the surrounding area and that the proposals were very much in keeping with the character of the area. The Inspector agreed with Boyer’s conclusion and allowed the appeal meaning that our client is now able to extend their home and benefit from additional living space.

If you have recently been refused planning permission to extend your home or would like to discuss the possibility of extending your home, please feel free to contact James Doherty in our London office.

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