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South Wales Metro Update

The UK Climate Change Committee makes it clear that simply switching to electric cars will not meet the 2050 Net Zero target. In order to meet this target, the number of journeys made by non-sustainable forms of transport must be reduced.

As it currently stands, 17% of Welsh carbon emissions are generated by transport. The Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters, believes that the Welsh Metro project will be one of the most “ambitious and complex programmes” that Wales has ever seen.

The South Wales Metro project is an integrated public transport network which will transform rail and bus services as well as walking and cycling. The South Wales Metro project includes but is not limited to:

  • The electrification of 172km of railway track
  • Building new stations
  • 30% increase in services
  • 100% renewable energy powering overhead wires

Not only will the South Wales Metro improve the current offer provided, £800 million will be invested in new faster, greener trains for not only the South Wales Metro, but also the Wales and Borders rail service.
This release of further information and maps showing the scale of the South Wales Metro come a week before the Welsh Government publishes its Net Zero plans in the run up to COP26…which we sure do look forward to reviewing.

View the recently published maps here: https://tfw.wales/projects/metro/future-developments/south-wales?s=09

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